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Jennifer is a former National Park Service Ranger who fell in love with acting when she worked as an background actor on The Hunger Games. She loved seeing how the cast and crew brought the book’s world and characters to life. From that point on she was hooked and started seriously pursuing acting and taking acting classes. Jennifer also pursued her love of horror and has been a recurring zombie on The Walking Dead and was one of the main monsters in Goosebumps the movie. Her acting coach encouraged her to write her own material and over the past three years Jennifer has written, acted in, and produced 8 short films. The main focus in her films is the quiet potential of horror in every day life. 

Jennifer also has a great love of period and character driven style work and appeared in The Vampire Diaries in the flashback sequence in “Hell is Other People” set in the Civil War. She has worked on numerous independent feature films. short films, and commercials. She is a versatile character actor who is drawn to complex characters. Jennifer is represented by Carla Hough at Bold Talent. 

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